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Teenagers experimenting with drugs

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Increasing issues of drugs in High School

Research says that drug problems at school amongst teenagers are getting worse by the day and parents are very doubtful about ever being able to make schools drug free. Since the year 2002 there has been an increase in the problems related to drugs from 44% to 61% in High School and 19% to 31% in Middle School. This is the report of Columbia Universities National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Findings of the survey

Researchers have been told that every 4 out of 5 teens in High School have either witnessed the sale, use or possession of illegal drugs on the grounds of the High School or have seen someone high or drunk on the campus. 13% of the teens agree to having used Marijuana out of which 4% agreed to have used it very recently. 6 out of 10 parents of teenagers at schools which have a problem with drugs say that the goal of making High Schools free of drugs is almost unrealistic.
Many parents feel that alcohol is an experience of college life and students who wanted to be on the popularity charts were likely to use drugs smoke or drink in comparison to students who did not think themselves to be as popular. Drugs in High School has become such a common place experience and are so deeply embedded that concerned people have stopped reacting. They say even the parents are now characterized with denials and despair.

Teenagers experimenting with drugs

Monitoring the Future Study has been published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse to deal with teen drug addiction. According to them, almost 30% of teens between the age of 12 and 17 are experimenting with illicit drugs and alcohol which will only cause problems at school as well as home, limiting their opportunities and chances for their future in terms of employment and admissions to college. Besides this, chronic health problems can also be created which will increase deaths due to accidents and drug overdose.
Studies reveal that at least 8% of the High School Seniors have abused Vicodin and at least 5.1% of seniors have abused Oxycontin. Many of them have gone on to develop alcohol and drug addiction by the time they have reached the 12th Grade. Parents need to be sensitized to this issue so as to curb the growth of the addiction in their teens before it gets too late. One must realize that drug addiction among teens is an epidemic which will affect every part of the country.
Sometimes parents are helpless in the face of these issues and feel let down and powerless. They do not realize that they need to speak up about the problems of their teens as that would be the first effective step in helping them to fight off the abuse of alcohol and drugs. However, if psychological and physical dependence seems to become a problem, the best solution is to enroll their teen in a comprehensive treatment program at a rehab.

The challenges of the illicit Drug industry

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People who are involved in the drug industry, whether manufacturers, distributers or traffickers, do not pay any legitimate taxes so one cannot actually record the accurate revenue of the overall industry. Drug traffickers pay bribes instead of taxes to Government Officials and Law Enforcers who are willing to not interfere with the smooth movement of their business and look the other way. Like any other business, this industry too involves many processes and inter-connected activities that start with the crop cultivation to obtaining the required raw materials, procurement of the chemical agents for the transformation of drugs which is followed by the manufacturing of the product itself.

Estimating the business of illegal drugs

Unfortunately, there is no reliable source which can help to estimate the size of this illegal business. International agencies and governments like the United Nations depend on the estimates that are based on different methods. To highlight the trend in the amount of heroin and cocaine has been trafficked, is a difficult task because of lack of proper records.
Currently 70% of the revenue that criminal organizations get is from illicit drug trafficking. It is their most profitable source of income and UNDOC or the United Nations office on Drugs and Crime & IMF or the International Monetary Fund estimate that the revenue derived from the drug industry worldwide is around $600 billion which sustains around 7.6% of the total Global Trade. Most of the drug money is laundered through legal enterprises.
It has the largest black market economy with the margin of profit ranging from 300% to 2000%. Many local and trans-national criminal organizations get involved into this industry only to obtain the maximum profits in the minimum time.

Money laundering and illegal drugs

Legitimizing profits got from illicit drugs has grown proportionately to the expansion of this industry. Estimates show that more than half of the world’s money stalk is transited through the centers that are off-show and almost $2 trillion is invested in these centers. The professionalization of money laundering has become a major trend and is having the most significant impact on the legitimate economy.
The illicit drug industry is directly related to the organized crime sector as they are the ones who invest and provide the capital and profits are accumulated from the smuggling of drugs. The cultivation of coca plants in the Andes is financed by the Cartels and under their supervision the cocaine base is manufactured and later delivered to distributors abroad who then sell drugs to individual retailers and local gangs.
Therefore, the estimates that have been made of the revenue that accrues from the illegal drug industry suggests that the profit lies above $400 billion which is 8% of the total International Trade and this profit margin is growing rapidly making a difference to the Global Revenue.
Drugs are trafficked through various routes across Europe, Asia and even the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and very little of it is ever seized which is a clear indication of the involvement of the Law Enforcement Department in the increasing trade of this illicit substance.

Making a life selling drugs

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There are many high profile professionals who in reality are mid-level drug dealers. They have been selling drugs for more than a quarter century and have a thriving business out of it. Some of them have formed a group to discuss the enhancement of their drug business. So, do all who are in the business of selling drugs criminals? The answer is simply NO.

More about the business of drugs

Those who are in the business of selling drugs get their lot from suppliers who deal in the ‘raw’ form of it. This means it is about 40% pure and comes in a rock like form. Then the ‘raw’ is cut with a butt-end of a flash light and is brought down to a powder form with a mix. Many of them prefer buying tranquilizers over the counter and use them for cutting, extending and diluting the profit margin of the ‘raw’ dope for distribution.
Most of these dealers are those who started out a little shady but then they begin to bring business and are walking around in formal wear with a professional look without anyone knowing if they have got 500gms of drugs like Heroin stashed in the house of someone they know. Dealers are of different levels such as the street dealers who can make between $500 to $10000 if they have decent products. Some of them work off their phones, they just come across with your requirement if you call them, as long as your demand is $20 or more. And then comes the Big Man- the man who is selling to all these guys. He is the one who is making more money than everybody because he is dealing directly with the turn-over.
There are some businessmen of drugs who are making millions but are always intimidated with a fear of being caught by the police. They themselves smoke crack and heroin regularly as they feel it keeps them sharp during their time of operation. Some of them look very dirty and jobless but some belong to the higher echelon of society which includes lawyers, doctors and teachers. Most of these people are on drugs themselves and know that at some point they may be destroyed by this habit but find it hard to give up. Sometimes they opt for treatment and enroll for a program independently or because of the coercion of family and friends.

The profit of drug business

Even though the profits of the drug industry are largely unknown because of its illicit nature, it does rank among the world’s largest goods of trade. It has been claimed that money got from illegal drugs has saved the banking industry from collapsing. It is the only liquid investment capital available to some banks which are about to collapse. In the US majority of the profits from drugs was absorbed into their economic system.
It seems many inter-bank loans have been funded by drug money though no such banks were identified as that would be inappropriate because it is the problem of drugs that needs to be addressed and not be apportioned to blame.